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Ostrava’s Divine Saviour Cathedral is about to undergo a big change. The main church of the Ostrava-Opava diocese will get a first-class organ, which it has been waiting for since its construction in the 1880s. The story of the instrument itself, the organ, is extraordinary.

The organ was originally built in 1981 for the Palace of Culture in Prague and had 87 registers (ranks of pipes). The state spared no expense and ordered the best parts from abroad. According to organologists, it is the finest instrument created in Czechoslovakia at that time. In the Congress Hall of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the organ accompanied party congresses. After 1989, however, they became redundant. The Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava took them over and used them in the House of Culture in Ostrava. Today, however, in view of the planned construction of a new concert hall for the Philharmonic, the question has again arisen as to what will become of the top-quality instrument. There was also the option of dismantling the instrument and selling it off, as it is not suitable for many spaces – fortunately this did not happen!

The idea of moving the instrument to the Ostrava Cathedral came up. An instrument brought from Germany in the 1990s is currently used for services and concerts there. Unfortunately, their sound is insufficient for the monumental space of the cathedral (the second largest church in Moravia). Nevertheless, the existing organ from the cathedral will continue to serve thanks to its sale to a smaller church.

Help us fill the cathedral with tones! The cost of rebuilding the instrument and adapting it for the Cathedral is not small. And to ensure that the organ not only plays well and reliably, but also harmonizes visually with the interior, the organ will be housed in a partially preserved and largely reconstructed Neo-Renaissance organ case designed for Ostrava Cathedral in the 19th century by the Viennese architect Max von Ferstel. Thanks to your support and help, we can provide an instrument for the main Catholic church in Ostrava and the entire diocese, an important monument and landmark of Ostrava, that will be appreciated by present and future generations.

You can donate to this unique project in the Moravian-Silesian region by sending any amount to the public collection account: 1388059555/2700. Help us, our reward will be unique music in our cathedral!